Best Pizza In Connecticut - The 203 Celebrates National Pizza Day!

We like big PIES and we can not lie! 

This Sunday (Feb 9th) is National Pizza Day, so we're getting all kinds of CHEESY. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite spots to crush a good ol' slice of CT Zaaaa (and we're pretty sure that you're not going to want to miss this). 

Let’s be super clear: when it comes to pizza, we do NOT discriminate. Weather you fantasize about crunchy thin crust pies, or drool over Chicago deep dish style -- and weather your mouth waters for a simple hot oil drizzle, or you love overloading your pie with ALL the toppings— we've got you covered.

We've rounded up our faves for your below, and we want your help to find even more CT Pizza gems. Did we miss your favorite spot? We love suggestions! We would love to hear your faves, so that we can try them our and add 'em to our list! Let us know in the comments :) 

Colony Grill (Stamford, Norwalk, Fairfield, Milford): It’s no secret that Colony Grill is our go-to pizza joint (It’s an addiction). They have locations all over CT, so it's nearly impossible to NOT know about this legendary CT pizza spot! (You can’t miss their hot oil pizza)

BAR New Haven (New Haven): Come for the Pizza, but don’t leave without trying their beer! We love the mashed potato pizzas, but the options at BAR are endless!

Frank Pepe’s (Fairfield + New Haven): We can’t even think about CT’s pizza scene without Pepe’s coming to mind. This is one of Connecticut’s most legendary pizza spots and a true crowd pleaser. They claim to be "the best pizza in America" and hey, they ainnnt wrong. 

Frank Pepe's Pizza - Best Pizza in Connecticut

Fire Engine Pizza (Bridgeport): Making pies at seemingly all hours of the day, Fire Engine is located in the heart of Black Rock. Known for their pizza truck (yes its a re-purposed fire truck with a brick oven!) this place is one of our late night guilty pleasures. (may we suggest the mashed potato and bacon pie?!)

Brewport (Bridgeport, CT): Think; converted warehouse brewery meets lively pizza joint. This place serves massive pies that can feed the entire squad! Order the white pizza with ricotta, grilled shrimp and spinach. You're welcome. 

Brewport Best Pizza in CT

Fortina’s Pizza (Stamford): Fortina's is a funky, cool pizza spot with a great vibe, awesome tunes AND some of the best damn pizza around. If you love cheese and truffle, don't miss the LB. 

Fortina's Pizza Best Pizza in The 203

Ernie’s Pizzeria (New Haven): We love the classic pizza parlor vibes of Ernie's--- and we LOVE the delicious taste of their pies. One of our favorite spots in New Haven, don't miss the pizza with "the works". 

Ernies Pizza - Best Pizza in Connecticut

Bufalina (Guilford): Their delicious wood-fired pizzas and home grown, family run restaurant will not disappoint! 

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