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Best Donuts in Connecticut. National Donut Day. The 203

dough·nut  /ˈdōˌnət/ : a sweet and delicious piece of dough deep fried with love and topped with sugary goodness. 

You deserve a sweet treat for making it through this week, 203-ers! It’s National Donut Day, and we’ve rounded up a few of the most epic donut spots in Connecticut to share with you.

In typical 203 fashion, each of the donut joints that we picked are classic hometown faves. Some are timeless and well worn with local tradition while others are innovative new cafes taking the art of donuts to the next level. All of our go-to donut restaurants are iconic local spots bustling with hometown natives who share a deep rooted pride for the community. 

What are you waiting for? Check out our list and go indulge in a local CT donut! 

We hope that our list helps you find the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth today! 

1. Elm Street Diner: Stamford CT

Best Donuts in CT. Elm Street Diner. The 203


2. Tastease Mini & Midi Donuts: Hartford, CT

Deviant Donuts. Best Donuts in Connecticut


3. Donut Crazy: Branford, Westport, Fairfield, Stratford 

Donut Crazy. Best Donuts in Connecticut  


4. Deviant Donuts: Mystic

Best Donuts in Connecticut


5. Coffee An Donuts: Westport 

Coffee An, Westport. Best Donuts in Connecticut

6. Dixie Donuts, Norwich 

Best Donuts in Connecticut. Dixie Donuts

7. Doughnut Inn, Fairfield 

Best Donuts in Connecticut. doughnut Inn

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