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The 203 Pops BACK to Pop Shop- our glance back in time.

The 203 Pops BACK to Pop Shop- our glance back in time.

Approximately two weeks ago from today we celebrated our company's anniversary.

Approximately two years ago from today Roscoe and I were getting ready for our very first Pop Shop Market.

We didn't know it at the time, but this event would soon become a massive milestone for our company. It would become the event that started it all for The Two Oh Three. The event that we both replay in our minds each and every time we tell the story behind our brand and the launch of our company.

Our first Pop Shop Market was the very first event we ever attended. It was the first time we set up our booth, thefirst time we talked to customers, and the first time we started spreading the idea of creating a lifestyle brand to celebrate Connecticut.

We had an idea that we were passionate about, we had a product that we were proud of, we had a website that barely functioned and we had a few promotional cards that we printed ourselves. But we were PSYCHED!

We didn't know what people would think or how people would react, but we were determined to find out.

As we drove to Pop Shop I specifically remember telling roscoe, “If we don’t sell a single T-shirt today… we can’t let it bring us down… we have to start somewhere”. We both agreed.


In Typical Roscoe/Tory fashion we arrived to Pop Shop that morning a fewwww minutes late and a tinnny bit disheveled. I probably blamed it all on Roscoe. (Goddd, he takes such long showers).

After introducing ourselves to Ashley and Andrea, the event coordinators, (phew! They didn’t seem to notice that we had absolutely no idea what we were doing) we quickly began popping up our very first booth and tried act like we were old pros at this whole ‘event thing’.

The overwhelming amount of positive energy and feedback that we got from Pop Shop that day is what fueled our enthusiasm for the rest of our first season. We left Pop Shop that day with a lot more support and a lot less inventory.

We are currently in the middle of our third 'Summer event season' and we are busier than ever. 

Roscoe and I could not be more excited for tomorrow's event. Pop Shop Market continues to re-energize us and remind us how awesome our customers really are and how great this community really is. 

We are excited to be collaborating with The Buzz Truck this summer and we will be unveiling our custom coffee drink at Pop Shop. They will be selling a delicious Iced Coffee drink on the truck called "The 203" and each drink sold will come with a FREE 203 Summer Koozie! 

Come hang out with us tomorrow!

Can't wait to see you there! 

Cheers, Tory and Roscoe 

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